Top Reasons to Join AFL

  1. Employee First – Simply because it is the Company that cares for you. AFL believes that it must have the right people in the right roles with the right leaders and it ensures that every Accelite performs his/her role to the fullest capability which also results in job security and job satisfaction with added benefits.
  2. Career Growth – AFL offers a wide range of career opportunities for vibrant candidates who are willing to make their career in IT Infrastructure and Software Services. You’ll enjoy early responsibility, challenges and exposure to various business practices across a range of verticals. AFL meticulously follows global standards during talent acquisition; every employee undergoes a systematic training process once inducted into the system. It provides a platform for them to work in different functions across domains
  3. Learning Opportunities – Since its inception, AFL provides a right environment for learning new skills and technology across regions by providing challenging work through customized professional development and leadership training. Here you can have the freedom to explore a world of possibilities. Let your spark lead you to success.
  4. Work on the cutting edge of technology – AFL  designs, develops and implements complex technical solutions for our clients in various industries. You will work on all the new & advanced technologies under the leadership of our technical experts and it helps you carve your career and find the right balance for your long-term personal and professional development. All this makes AFL the perfect place to grow.
  5. Financial Benefits – AFL looks for the best and brightest when hiring so that it constantly focuses on making the workplace exciting and positive. We create a win-win situation by offering the finest employment package that includes a highly competitive remuneration and benefits packages tailored to each location, as well as additional financial incentives and performance rewards.
  6. Awards & Recognition – AFL  acknowledges high-performing individuals from all levels of hierarchy through various rewards and recognition programs, which also includes monetary & non-monetary benefits. We firmly believe in transforming “Asset” to “Strategic Asset” by increasing and recognizing individual capabilities. Employee empowerment is our key to success.
  7. Work-Life Balance – AFL gives its employees the privilege to work independently according to his/her unique styles. We provide all our employees a positive working environment, continued professional development and a commitment to work-life balance and equal opportunities, which makes AFL a great place to work!
  8. Value based Code of Conduct – Our comprehensive work culture and value based systems ensures that every employee’s opinion is valued. AFL’s core values are
    1. Creation of wealth through fair practices
    2. Pursuit of excellence through quality
    3. Highest level of integrity
    4. Optimum value proposition
    5. Customer care
    6. Team work
    7. Respect for the individual
    8. Preservation of our heritage and environment
    9. We will act within the code of conduct & maintain highest level of integrity as prescribed the company
    10. Always ensuring the professional standards to respect customers’ specific needs and requirements
    11. Provide opportunities for technical & professional learning of all employees, in a collaborative manner
    12. Conflicts redressed through an impartial grievance committee, while maintaining employee morale
    13. Protecting the interests of employees through employee motivation & delight activities
    14. Promoting appreciative work culture to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best resources
    15. Ensuring accuracy and timeliness in all our communication
    16. Influencing others in balancing professional & personal life for the well being